Holding Company

The sole purpose of the holding company is to retain control of Mr. Christian H. Clayton’s intellectual property and issue technology transfer licenses to subsidiaries.

CLAYTON INDUSTRIES INC. was formulated to institute comprehensive manufacturing practices, and to eliminate the cut-rate manufacturing decisions, along with poor design with no accountability measures in place. Technical innovation needs to be instituted instead of continuing the reverse engineering approach.

Quality controls measures cannot be upheld with contracting work outside of the organization, this has been proven on all facets of manufacturing and across the board in all industries.

CLAYTON INDUSTRIES INC. will set new standards by providing the framework to keep all manufacturing in house. Maintaining control over the entire engineering and manufacturing process is paramount especially when changing variables are present. ISO 9000 standards do not equate to anything if you do not do what you say you’re going to do!

A fresh design with tightly controlled manufacturing standards is required in order to instill the one critical characteristic lacking in present systems – RELIABILITY – the major players have become complacent and vulnerable due to the lack of serious competition, poor quality control oversight and an antiquated system design.