Our Team

CHRISTIAN H. CLAYTON – CEO / Chairman / Founder / Inventor

Christian H. Clayton has 26 years of expertise in the electrical industry starting with a three-year U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) pilot program for electronics during high school; the program was a recruitment tool for the Navy.  Mr. Christian H. Clayton also carries experience in the automotive industry with Mercedes Benz. He was recognized by Daimler Benz engineering in Stuttgart, Germany on three occasions and was offered a career in Germany under research and development for Benz. He has worked for Motorola troubleshooting surface mount components for DOD satellite systems.  He then worked on two Carnegie Mellon University Robotics Institute autonomous robotic platforms for medical and military applications.  During Mr. Christian H. Clayton’s tenure at the military robotics outfit (QinetiQ North America) he received dual security clearances for DOD and the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defense (MOD) for his involvement in reconnaissance and explosive ordinance robotic platforms in Iraq and Afghanistan.  

Mr. Christian H. Clayton has designed and developed Waste-To-Energy applications using a proprietary hybrid plasma torch to process spent nuclear fuel, and a multitude of other waste streams.  He is also focused on his proprietary Directed High Energy Laser Weapon System that originated in 2008 with the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) & Lockheed Martin “Skunk Works” which includes an innovative “Generation V” advanced small modular nuclear reactor design with 80% operating efficiency compared to current Generation III/III+ design operating efficiency of only approximately 33%; Clayton’s design incorporates direct coupling of nuclear flux to electrical flux thus there is no steam loop.

DR. STEVE SIEGEL – Chief of Global Development (CGD)

Dr. Siegel brings a great value when cementing strategic partnerships with companies and governments around the globe. Proven track record of successes, provides company with innovative thinking with justified publication. His 30+ years of international experience includes 15+ years as an investment banker (corporate finance, international business development, infrastructure, strategic planning, ecommerce, mergers and acquisitions) and another 20+ years at the C level, i.e. CFO or COO of public and private companies.  While at these positions either as a C level, Investment Banker or as a Consultant, the goal was always to help the company be more efficient, cost conscious and revenue focused. These goals included assembling and managing teams of employees, streamlining operations, business development, strategic planning domestically and globally, forming strategic partnerships and alike, vendor negotiations for better terms, and negotiating on transactions or with banks for better credit facilities. 

Dr. Siegel has work in several different spaces, ranging from ecommerce, online education, textiles, manufacturing, entertainment, banking, AI, block chain, Quantum Computing and with several governments. In my dealings within each of these spaces, I provided board level management with advice on the financial implications of business activities, credibility by producing timely and accurate analysis of budgets, financial trends, forecasts, consolidated financials, recommendations to strategically enhance financial performance, operations and global business development opportunities for top line growth. Roles and accomplishments:

•    Secured a $1 B finance package (Lanier) 
•    Set up a FX department for a Fortune 1000 company (Lanier) 
•    Proven track record raising money for funds, road shows, venture capital, strategic investments, structured finance i.e. mezzanine, debt, bridges, other credit facilities and alike
•    Developed global expansion for Amazing.com with Strategic Partners opened up Chinese and Russian markets. With development plans for India, South Korea, Germany, and South America over the next 18 months (1/2016)
•    President and Managing Director of Federation Group, Inc. a publicly traded holding company on the Australian, Vancouver and Toronto stock exchanges, as well as, OTC in the US as an ADR, Orchestrated the ADR program for OTC for Federation Group, Inc. in the US. •    Negotiated, developed and worked on several Dim Sum bond transactions.
•    Involved in over 110 mergers and acquisitions,
•    M&A Negotiating technology licensing deals, experience in negotiating technology asset purchases, experience in structuring acquisitions, experience in integration planning and execution
•    Negotiated with several governments for REDD, and reforestation programs under the United Nations Kyoto Protocol. Over 10.5 million hectors – the largest as of April 2010
•    Origination of global “green” transactions, with governments and NGO’s

DAVID DECHANT – Chief Financial Officer (CFO) 

CPA, CGMA has more than 25 years of executive and corporate experience including from small business to Fortune 50; serving a broad range of industries including manufacturing for consumer products, pharmacology and recycling, software development and hardware-based technology integrators, financial institutions, legal, and real estate. 

David began his career in “Big-8” (at the time; now through mergers, the “Big-4”) international public accounting firms, where he supported audits of manufacturing, financial institutions, real estate, healthcare and other industry clients. 

David left to join an entrepreneurial, former regional managing Partner of one of the Big-8 firms to help manage a company the Partner acquired when he left the firm to begin his own venture capital fund. Here David became the CAO, acting CFO and VP Asst. to the President, and supported management of 5x growth over 10 years, including through the IPO process, coupled with a significant new foreign acquisition. Growth was approximately 50% organic and 50% through acquisition. 

This complex business supported 30 different operations under one roof, additional foreign operations, and more than 15,000 stock keeping units and individual custom products sold to a wide variety of customers, including from large manufacturers, distributors and retailers to individual designers and purveyors of fine products, e.g., from Wal-Mart to (indirectly) the Queen of England. This company grew from a couple hundred to more than 1,000 people world-wide, with operations in foreign countries. David personally custom-designed and outsourced coding of the companies warehousing pick pack and ship systems with interfaced scales for accuracy checking, least cost routing, advance ship-notifications and other unique features long before such features became common place in “self-checkout” retail environments; and supported the implementation of the company’s ERP systems in acquired entities. This experience resulted in David’s subsequent hire as a Sr. Business Systems Consultant in an ERP systems company whose product was listed in the AICPA’s Journal of Accountancy magazine for consideration. David gained experience in Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) required for pharmaceuticals in a division of a Fortune 50 company where he oversaw the sales, operations, and manufacturing planning process for multiple locations, domestic and foreign. Due to his background and experience David was offered a role in the New Jersey office (which he had to graciously decline due to personal family conflicts only at the time).

David moved on to other consulting and C-level management positions including the support of additional growing businesses, an additional IPO and public securities and debt filings, mergers, acquisitions and exits for major investors. David brings a wealth of knowledge to support the management and execution of high growth in an effective and controlled manner through team building and systems and processes design and implementations. 

JAMES J. RALEIGH – Chief of Nuclear Regulatory Affairs (CNRA)

Former NRC Licensing Project Manager and nuclear utility Licensing Manager with 36 years of expertise in Nuclear Regulatory Affairs, Licensing, Compliance, and Inspection; Project Management; Quality Assurance and Corrective Action Program problem identification and resolution; causal analysis; issue resolution; trending analysis; and lessons learned.  Was instrumental to the creation of regulatory programs and the initial licensing efforts for the Shoreham Nuclear Power Plant, NRC Certification of Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant, the Yucca Mountain Repository License Application to the NRC, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’ US-APWR (Advanced Pressurized Water Reactor) License Application defense, and for the NuScale Power and Bechtel & B&W’s “Generation mPower” Small Modular Reactor designs. Possesses significant Project Management and Operations experience under both NRC & DOE oversight and has a deep understanding of the regulatory requirements, codes & standards that facilitate performance in multiple roles. Has demonstrated abilities in planning, organization, multi-tasking, team building, and leadership. 

JOHN M. FORBES Chief of Nuclear Operations (CNO) 

Has 35 years of expertise in Nuclear Operations, Nuclear Safety Analysis, and Decontamination and Decommissioning gained at the following U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) National Laboratories and Sites: INL, KAPL, LANL, LLNL, Nevada Test Site, Pantex, Rocky Flats and WIPP. Has also served in the roles of Senior Engineering Consultant for the SSCVS Capital Asset Project at WIPP and Lead Nuclear Safety Analyst at Nevada Test Site U1a Complex responsible for the subcritical experiments authorization basis. Has both prepared and reviewed nuclear safety documents and analytical bases as well as technical safety requirements based on the hazard controls and analytical reliability data. Has expert-level knowledge of 10 CFR 830, DOE O 420.1C, DOE-STD-3009, DOE-STD-1189, DOE-STD-3016, DOE O 413.3B, and related federal documents.  Is very effective in cross-organizational coordination as well as stake holder communications.  

ADEL H. GHAIS – Chief of Nuclear Integration (CNI) 

Mr. Adel H. Ghais, a United States citizen, possesses more than 15 years of experience in holding junior and senior level positions as a former primary contractor to the Department of Energy (DOE), Department of Defense (DOD) and the NRC regulated commercial nuclear power industry. Mr. Ghais has 15+ years of industrial mining experience in large and small scale operations including 10+ years in senior executive levels. Mr. Ghais has experience in Ghana, Guinea, Senegal and Sierra Leone and is well respected within the West African Mining Community.