High Energy Laser Systems


The Clayton Industries High Energy Laser System Program is based on a modified solid-state laser with a ceramic slab as its laser medium. The laser configuration for this program will be configured with the master oscillator and power amplifier structure (MOPA). This hybrid circuit allows for manipulation of the photons, and the amplification of energy levels. These system attributes provide control of the beam quality, spectral width, temporal format, and stability. 

The Clayton Industries MOPA architecture ensures that the oscillator and amplifier operate in the same wavelength. System efficiently is not entirely based on the master oscillator because the power amplifier will compensate for low energies in the master oscillator. The amplifier circuit will be aided by a supplemental seed laser for ramping up the energy levels depending on the quality of the medium. The laser beam will have an isolation module to prevent ghost signal interference.  The circuit will be embedded with numerous pre-amps to ensure the beam quality as well as relieve loading on primary amp.

Free Electron Laser (FEL) Program – (CLA-00-1993)

Free Electron Laser operating in megawatt power structure.

**thermal blooming problem is eliminated

Classified Material

Nuclear Pumped Laser (NPL) PROGRAM – (CLA-00-1996)